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PhD in Physiology and Biophysics Our Graduate Program provides an interdisciplinary doctoral training allowing you to pursue research careers in the medical sciences. We emphasize a quantitative and state-of-the art instrumentation intensive approach that equips doctoral students with cutting edge skills to address key biological questions. The ultimate goal is to train future scientists in understanding the mechanisms that control normal function of biological processes, translating that knowledge into new approaches and cures for disease.

Post-Baccalaureate MS in Medical Physiology  We have an extremely popular post-baccalaureate program in Medical Physiology that caters to college graduates wishing to strengthen their academic backgrounds prior to applying to medical, dental, and other health-professions programs.

In addition to our two core programs, our department also offers a PhD training program for MD’s as well as a research Tech Masters program and Undergraduate research training:

PhD Program for MD's  This program is specifically designed for physicians interested in a career as an M.D./scientist. The program can be linked to research-oriented residency programs such as the Clinical Investigator Pathway, approved by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and similar programs in pediatrics and surgery.

Research-based MS in Physiology and Biophysics is designed for students who wish to better prepare themselves for a career in research.

Undergraduate Student Independent Study during the academic year allows CWRU science majors to conduct research in the laboratories of faculty members.

Summer research for undergraduates is a program for both CWRU students and those from other institutions.