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Vernon A. Ruffin, PhD
CEO and Principal Investigator / Associate Professor
NeuroLab, LLC / Virginia Union University
PhD, Neurophysiology, Howard University College of Medicine
BS, Biology, Virginia Union University

Mailing Address:
Richmond , VA

Research Interests

The research in the Ruffin NeuroLab focuses on understanding how neurons and neuroglia regulate a stable intracellular acid concentration (pHi) which is necessary for optimal function even though they produce acid as a result increased activity and a high metabolic demand. During exercise or some pathological conditions (ie. hypoxia) there is even more acid produced and an imbalance in pHi. Understanding how cells regulate pHi is essential to understanding cell function and important in both normal physiology and pathophysiologic diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and stroke.


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