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Beckman, Allegra X-15R

Manager: Gerald T. Babcock
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 216-368-4766
Manager: Yinghua Chen, PhD
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 216-368-8962
Availablility: By Availability

Beckman Allegra® X-15R Benchtop refrigerated Centrifuge

Purchased specifically for pelleting cells from tissue culture. 

Available Rotor: SX4750 Rotor Swinging Bucket Rotor Assembly

Refer to the Beckman Rotor Tube Guide for accurate tube and addaptor selection for your application (web link below)

Addaptors for this Rotor are located in the drawer below the centrifuge

Manual: Allegra_X-15R_User_Manual
Beckman Safety Manual
Beckman Centrifugation Products Chemical Resistance
Manufacturer: Beckman-Coulter
Location: SOM-E553
Required Training: Basic Training
Training Fee: 0.00

Usage Fees:

Consumable Fees:
Director: Matthias Buck
Owner: Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD
Responsible PI: Matthias Buck
Class: Common Usage