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HydraDT - Liquid Handler

Manager: Yinghua Chen, PhD
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 216-368-8962
Availablility: By Availability

Major Applications:

The Thermo Scientific Matrix Hydra DT is a small, bench top 96- or 384- channel liquid handler capable of automating pipetting tasks, including plate stamping, reformatting, sampler transfers and serial dilutions, with the single press of a button.

Major Specifications:

Volume Range: 0.5 µL-300 µL

Dispense type: contact

Compatible Labware: 24-, 96-, 384-, 1536- channel standard, low profile and deep well labware, tube racks.

User Interface: On-board touch pad or ControlMate software

Manual: Hydra DT User Manual
Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
Location: SOM-E549
Required Training: Basic Training
Training Fee: 10.00

Usage Fees:
Hydra DT:$5.00 per plate

Consumable Fees:
D.A.R.T. 300uL tips:$2.00 per plate
D.A.R.T. 30uL tips:$2.00 per plate
D.A.R.T. 100uL tips:$2.00 per plate
Director: Matthias Buck
Owner: Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD
Responsible PI: Matthias Buck
Class: Core Equipment -- PEPCMBC