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Monolith NT.115 Microscale Thermophoresis (Nano Temper Technologies)

Manager: Yinghua Chen, PhD
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 216-368-8962
Availablility: By Availability

Monolith Series - The Efficient Performers

Measurement of interactions between all types of biomolecules


The Monolith NT.115 series instruments provide the broadest application range detecting interactions between any type of biomolecules and for pM to mM binding affinities - ideal for your academic daily research.


Dynamic range: 1 pM to mM

Broad application range: from ions to ribosomes

Buffer independency: including serum or cell lysate

Purification free: fluorescent fusion proteins


Manual: Monolith NT 115 Manual
Manufacturer: Nano Temper Technologies
Location: SOM-E603
Required Training: Basic Training
Training Fee: 0.00

Usage Fees:

Consumable Fees:
Director: Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD
Director: Witold K. Surewicz, PhD
Responsible PI: Witold K. Surewicz, PhD
Class: Core Equipment -- PEPCMBC