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University of North Carolina BS/BA 2014, MSMP 2021, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

I was raised in a small town called Red Lion, PA and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a first-generation college student. I graduated in 2014 as a Buckley Public Service Scholar with a BS in Biology and a BA in anthropology. After graduation, I used my passions for science and service to pursue careers as a high school science teacher and a laboratory technologist for Litholink, a LabCorp company that performs 24-hour urine testing for kidney stone patients. After deciding to apply to medical school, I joined the MSMP program at Case Western Reserve University in 2019. The MSMP program significantly boosted my confidence as a student, helped me prepare my medical school application, helped me find a great support network and lifelong friends, and allowed me to continue teaching through my role as a graduate teaching assistant. Faculty advising is also a key strength of the program, and my advisor helped me find study strategies that I still use as a medical student at the University of Cincinnati.