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College of William and Mary BS 2017, MSMP 2019, Case Western School of Medicine

I grew up in Springfield, VA and graduated from the College of William & Mary where I majored in Neuroscience and played collegiate soccer. I decided to attend MSMP because I did not feel ready to apply to medical school, and wanted a stronger background in medical physiology before making such a big commitment. The MSMP program gave me all that and more. I feel that I have had a huge leg up during my pre-clinical years by having such an extensive background in physiology. The MSMP program provided a clinically relevant understanding of medicine and I use my knowledge base from the program on a daily basis. I was also able to complete a concentration in clinical neuroscience during MSMP as well, which provided me with a 2 month experience in the neurology department at UH and allowed me to get closer to my clinical goals. In the school of medicine I have been able to engage in extensive clinical research, mainly focused around neurotrauma, skull base neurosurgery, and trauma surgery at MetroHealth, CCF, and UH.